Komodia's Redirector and 3rd party conflicts

From Komodia

Possible conflicts

Most of the AV warning can be solved when you digitally sign your files.

Removal of LSP

You need to make sure that you monitor the presence of the LSP because it can be removed by problematic software or spyware removal (some of them will automatically remove LSP, or suggest to remove, for example HijackThis)

Another solution is to use the Komodia's Watchdog to protect the LSP and SDK.

General AV pop ups

The SDK uses the network and some AV will ask for permission from the user (this is not specific to the SDK, it would have happened with all network apps), the solution is to enroll into the leading AV software white label program.

Known LSP conflicts


This is caused on Vista and above because of a bug in Microsof't architecture: MSSQL bug. The solution is to hard exclude problematic applications.

PGP Desktop

PGP desktop uninstalls all LSPs during the install phase (which is a bad practice), if Redirector was installed when PGP desktop is installed, the LSP will be removed. To fix this you need to reinstall the LSP.

Avira AV

Avira's LSP has number of problems:

  1. Their LSP installer insist to install the Avira LSP first on the stack.
  2. They are unable to work with any other LSPs that are second like Komodia's LSP or the default PSDK LSP (it will cause lost of networking), and might cause computer to hang after reboot.

Komodia tried to resolve the matter with Avira's support without success, Avira is unwilling or unable to fix their broken LSP. Komodia's solution is to bypass Avira's LSP.


Panda uses socket injection on some versions, we have managed to remove the injection from the proxy, but panda "hijacks" the connection before reaching the proxy, the solution is to intercept their proxy which is called "webproxy.exe", add webproxy.exe to hard include applications and to the application intercept list, save and reboot for settings to take effect.

If the SDK is set for LocalHost interception, there's a built in mechanism that will "hijack" the traffic back from Panda, if you want to let the traffic go via Panda you need to exclude port 31595.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro uses TDI, so on Vista SP2 and above it will take the traffic before the WFP, the solution is to either use the LSP or disable Trend Micro TDI.


Users should upgrade to Kaspersky 2011 or later, older version have problems with SSL on IE and Kaspersky's support solution is to upgrade.

WFP conflicts

You can read about WFP conflicts: Komodia's Redirector WFP guide#Why conflicts exists.3F.