Komodia's Redirector client guide

From Komodia

Digital certificate

  • You need to sign all the binaries provided by Komodia (or compiled by yourself), this will lower the amount of AV and other security products alerting on your product.
  • You need to do a special cross sign for 64bit drivers (Watchdog and WFP).

Update interval

Updates are sent at the end of each month, or after a critical bug fix.

Difference between trial and retail version

If you are using the COM API for control (Komodia's Redirector API Guide), there's a difference between the trial and retail mode of operation, after you request the CoClass DataController you need to initialize it in a special way (in your package you have a new samples which shows how it is done), if you don't, then some operations will fail.

You specifically need to look at GetDataController.

How to compile your version

You can see the Komodia's Redirector compilation and integration instructions here: Komodia's Redirector Compile Insturctions.