Komodia's Watchdog Compile Insturctions

From Komodia

To compile the 32bit or 64bit version of the Watchdog you need Microsoft's WDK (7.1, exact version: WinDDK version 7600.16385.1)


The file KomodiaProductDriver.h contains the names of the drivers, if you change the values in that file you need to recompile the KomdoiaWatchdog library which is under Komodia\KomodiaWatchdog and also recompile Komodia's Redirector (Komodia's Redirector Compile Insturctions) and then copy KomodiaProductDriver.h to the root directory of Watchdog which is called Watchdog.

32 bit

To compile run the file: Watchdog\32bit\src\_build_fre.cmd this will create the final file under: Watchdog\32Bit\Src\Sys\objfre_wxp_x86\i386

64 bit

You need to compile two drivers:

  1. To compile the registry driver run the file: Watchdog\64bit\registry\_build_fre.cmd this will create the final file under: Watchdog\64Bit\Reg\sys\objfre_win7_amd64\amd64
  2. To compile the file driver run the file: Watchdog\64bit\file\_build_fre.cmd this will create the final file under: Watchdog\64Bit\File\sys\objfre_win7_amd64\amd64

You also need to binary sign the 64bit driver with a special cert otherwise the Kernel would not load it. You can read more about it here: Komodia's Watchdog#Do_I_need_any_thing_else_for_the_64bit_driver.3F.

It's important to sign your 64bit binary from XP 32bit, you can read more about it here: Why sign from XP.

Console sample

In certain type of distribution you will also receive a console based control client, which is located under the root directory and is called ControlWD, inside you will have a basic code to install, uninstall and control the WD.