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This page covers general questions and scenarios using Komodia's software.


What is the license model for Komodia's products

Komodia's products are licensed per named entity (company for example), which means that as long as the name on the product is the name of the entity that purchased it, there are no limits on the distribution (except those mentioned in the next section), and there are royaltee free (up to 50,000 (fifthy thousand) deployments, if you plan to deploy Komodia's SDK on more then 50,000 (fifthy thousand) computers then you should get a special quote for your expected volume).

Are there any distribution limits?

API exposing

You are prohobited from exposing Komodia's API to the end user or client, the API is to be used only by the purchasing entity, and will not be exposed directly or indirectly (via a wrapper)


You are prohibited from rebranding your product when using Komodia's product, for example, if you license the products to entity X, and then make a version saying entity Y, this is prohibited.


You are prohibited from selling Komodia's products as part of your source code, the products must be distributed in their compiled source and without any wrapper source code. If a Y entity wishes to buy the sources of a product that uses Komodia's products from entity X, then entity Y must obtain a license from Komodia for those products.

License tranfer

License can be transfer to another entity pending authorization from Komodia.

Source code version

What does the source code includes

The source code includes all the sources needed to compile the SDK, there are no object files that are required that doesn't have the source code.

The open source components that the SDK uses (NSS, OpenSSL) come in binary format, but you can download them from their respective web sites and compile them.


Komodia's source code is copyrightes and is licensed for usage only for the purchasing entity. The entity will not distribute or display the source code to personal outside of their entity.

Distribution limits

All prior mentioned limits apply and Komodia's source code must be compiled and integrated into the entity's products, it will not be disclosed or distributed as part of the product in its source form.


  • With Komodia's SDK you can put any name you want on the GUI, as long as the binary files of Komodia are branded with the name of the purchasing company (because of that there's no way to do whitelabel with the binary version, it only applies to the source)
  • If you buy the source and your company name is BestApp, and sold your product to Widget company, the GUI can say Widget company, but the Komodia's binaries you compile must have BestApp under company name (and their names can't contain the name Widget)
  • If you want to create a binary version using the commercial markings of Widget company, this is a whitelabel.

Obsolete License agreement (revision 1.0, 1st June 2010), was removed 1st Oct 2010

Obsolete License agreement - Archiving purposes only

Current term sheet

This “Information Sheet” sets forth the basic terms and conditions pursuant to which B.W. Komodia, Ltd. (“Komodia”) grants licenses to its proprietary software applications for Internet content filtering (the “Software”). This document is for informational purposes only. You need not execute this Informational Sheet, and it is not intended to be a binding legal document. Grant of the license to the Software is subject to the terms and conditions of the executed definitive license agreement (the “License Agreement”).


You will receive a limited, non-exclusive, license to copy, modify and create derivative works of the Software solely for the purpose of integrating the object code version of the Software into your software platform and distributing such platform to end-users. In no event will you be permitted to distribute the source code version of the Software.

Term of License

Perpetual, subject to termination under certain circumstances, such as breach or bankruptcy.


You will pay a fee to Komodia, pursuant to Komodia’s standard price list, as revised by Komodia from time to time.

Maximum Number of End-Users

You may grant access to the Software to up to 50,000 end users. This limit may be raised, subject to the mutual agreement of the parties and your payment of additional support fees.

Intellectual Property

Komodia owns all intellectual property rights in the Software and any feedback you may provide to Komodia. Subject to Komodia’s underlying rights in the Software and applicable terms of third party licenses, you will own all intellectual property rights in derivative works of the Software made by you.

White Labels

You may request additional licenses for white labels. Such licenses may be provided at Komodia’s discretion at additional cost.

Support; Warranties

Komodia will provide you with higher-level support (such as Tier 3 support), in consideration for the payment of an annual support fee. You will remain the initial contact for end-users that require support at lower levels. The License Agreement will contain detailed support guidelines. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Software is provided on an “as-is” basis.

Limit on Liability

Komodia's liability shall not exceed the amount paid to Komodia by you during the year prior to the occurrence of any damage. In no event shall Komodia be liable to you or any other person for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages.

End of term sheet