Komodia's Central Server installation guide

From Komodia


Driver install

  • To install the driver run:
SetupNdisRedir.exe /install
  • Make sure to OK all the driver signing dialog.
  • You can now see the driver installed for all network cards.

Redirector install

  • To install the Redirector run:
PCProxy /Service
  • To start the Redirector run:
sc start pcproxy

Setup the network interception

  • Run PCController.exe
  • Press "Central server" button
  • Choose the NIC you want to intercept traffic on, this is the NIC connected to the LAN.


  • Exit this screen and save settings.
  • Restart the service for interception to start.

Load and shutdown sequence

  • The driver is only active when the PCProxy is running and configured to use a NIC, once PCProxy shutdown the driver becomes inactive and traffic is routed like there's no driver installed.
  • When setting a NIC it's important to restart the service because the initialization of the driver occurs only at service startup.