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Traffic interception SDK

Control every TCP/IP network connection

  • Route connections via proxy
  • Redirect connections and modify the data
  • Block connections and applications
SSL interception SDK

View SSL in plaintext and modify it

  • View the SSL stream decrypted in plaintext
  • Redirect SSL connection and modify decrypted data
  • Browser shows "SSL lock" without warnings


CWin32Semaphore Member List

This is the complete list of members for CWin32Semaphore, including all inherited members.

Aquire(unsigned long ulMSTimeout=INFINITE)CWin32Semaphore [virtual]
CGenericSemaphore(long lInitialCount, long lMaxCount, const char *pSemaphoreName=NULL)CGenericSemaphore
CWin32Semaphore(long lInitialCount, long lMaxCount, const char *pSemaphoreName=NULL)CWin32Semaphore
GetHandle() const CWin32Semaphore [protected, virtual]
IsFirst() const CWaitableObject [virtual]
Release(long lAmount=1)CWin32Semaphore [virtual]
ReleaseObject()CWin32Semaphore [virtual]
SetFirst()CWaitableObject [protected]
~CGenericSemaphore()CGenericSemaphore [virtual]
~CWaitableObject()CWaitableObject [virtual]
~CWin32Semaphore()CWin32Semaphore [virtual]