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Traffic interception SDK

Control every TCP/IP network connection

  • Route connections via proxy
  • Redirect connections and modify the data
  • Block connections and applications
SSL interception SDK

View SSL in plaintext and modify it

  • View the SSL stream decrypted in plaintext
  • Redirect SSL connection and modify decrypted data
  • Browser shows "SSL lock" without warnings


File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
Array_ptr.h [code]
AsyncSocket.cpp [code]
AsyncSocket.h [code]
BlockedBuffer.cpp [code]
BlockedBuffer.h [code]
CriticalAutoRelease.cpp [code]
CriticalAutoRelease.h [code]
CriticalSectionForProtection.cpp [code]
CriticalSectionForProtection.h [code]
DebugHeap.h [code]
DNSAnswer.cpp [code]
DNSAnswer.h [code]
DNSAnswers.cpp [code]
DNSAnswers.h [code]
DNSManager.cpp [code]
DNSManager.h [code]
DNSParser.cpp [code]
DNSParser.h [code]
DNSQuery.cpp [code]
DNSQuery.h [code]
DNSSocket.cpp [code]
DNSSocket.h [code]
DNSTCPSocket.cpp [code]
DNSTCPSocket.h [code]
DNSUDPSocket.cpp [code]
DNSUDPSocket.h [code]
ErrorHandler.cpp [code]
ErrorHandler.h [code]
ErrorHandlerMacros.h [code]
FileLog.cpp [code]
FileLog.h [code]
GenericCriticalSection.cpp [code]
GenericCriticalSection.h [code]
GenericEvent.cpp [code]
GenericEvent.h [code]
GenericMutex.cpp [code]
GenericMutex.h [code]
GenericReadWriteLock.cpp [code]
GenericReadWriteLock.h [code]
GenericSemaphore.cpp [code]
GenericSemaphore.h [code]
GenericThread.cpp [code]
GenericThread.h [code]
ICMPCrafter.cpp [code]
ICMPCrafter.h [code]
ICMPSocket.cpp [code]
ICMPSocket.h [code]
ICMPSocketAsync.cpp [code]
ICMPSocketAsync.h [code]
Interfaces.cpp [code]
Interfaces.h [code]
IPCrafter.cpp [code]
IPCrafter.h [code]
KomodiaSettings.h [code]
LibConfig.cpp [code]
LibConfig.h [code]
ManagedThread.cpp [code]
ManagedThread.h [code]
MutexAutoRelease.cpp [code]
MutexAutoRelease.h [code]
OSManager.cpp [code]
OSManager.h [code]
PeriodicThread.cpp [code]
PeriodicThread.h [code]
PingSocket.cpp [code]
PingSocket.h [code]
RealTimeTraceRouteSocket.cpp [code]
RealTimeTraceRouteSocket.h [code]
Relay.cpp [code]
Relay.h [code]
RWAutoRelease.cpp [code]
RWAutoRelease.h [code]
ScreenLog.cpp [code]
ScreenLog.h [code]
SniffSocket.cpp [code]
SniffSocket.h [code]
SocketPool.cpp [code]
SocketPool.h [code]
SocketPoolSocket.cpp [code]
SocketPoolSocket.h [code]
SocketThreadManager.cpp [code]
SocketThreadManager.h [code]
SpoofBase.cpp [code]
SpoofBase.h [code]
SpoofSocket.cpp [code]
SpoofSocket.h [code]
KomodiaIPUtils/StdAfx.cpp [code]
KomodiaDNS/StdAfx.cpp [code]
KomodiaIPUtils/StdAfx.h [code]
KomodiaDNS/StdAfx.h [code]
TCPCrafter.cpp [code]
TCPCrafter.h [code]
TCPPortScanner.cpp [code]
TCPPortScanner.h [code]
TCPPortScannerLinear.cpp [code]
TCPPortScannerLinear.h [code]
TCPPortScannerMultithreaded.cpp [code]
TCPPortScannerMultithreaded.h [code]
TCPPortScannerStealth.cpp [code]
TCPPortScannerStealth.h [code]
TCPRelay.cpp [code]
TCPRelay.h [code]
TCPRelayHTTP.cpp [code]
TCPRelayHTTP.h [code]
TCPSocket.cpp [code]
TCPSocket.h [code]
TCPSocketAsync.cpp [code]
TCPSocketAsync.h [code]
ThreadPool.cpp [code]
ThreadPool.h [code]
TraceLog.cpp [code]
TraceLog.h [code]
TraceRouteSocket.cpp [code]
TraceRouteSocket.h [code]
TraceRouteSocketReverseDNS.cpp [code]
TraceRouteSocketReverseDNS.h [code]
UDPCrafter.cpp [code]
UDPCrafter.h [code]
UDPRelay.cpp [code]
UDPRelay.h [code]
UDPScanner.cpp [code]
UDPScanner.h [code]
UDPSocket.cpp [code]
UDPSocket.h [code]
UDPSocketAsync.cpp [code]
UDPSocketAsync.h [code]
WaitableObject.cpp [code]
WaitableObject.h [code]
WaitableObjectAutoRelease.cpp [code]
WaitableObjectAutoRelease.h [code]
WaitList.cpp [code]
WaitList.h [code]
WhoisSocket.cpp [code]
WhoisSocket.h [code]
Win32CriticalSection.cpp [code]
Win32CriticalSection.h [code]
Win32Event.cpp [code]
Win32Event.h [code]
Win32Mutex.cpp [code]
Win32Mutex.h [code]
Win32ReadWriteLock.cpp [code]
Win32ReadWriteLock.h [code]
Win32Semaphore.cpp [code]
Win32Semaphore.h [code]
Win32Thread.cpp [code]
Win32Thread.h [code]