• Komodia’s Redirector

    Komodia’s Redirector allows you to change TCP/IP network sessions with a few simple clicks. The platform intercepts traffic on the local machine based on rules that you define, and it includes many built in functions that you can use without writing a single line of code (if you need a solution that only sniffs the network traffic without modifying it, visit Komodia’s Interceptor web page).

  • Komodia’s SSL Digestor

    Our advanced SSL hijacker SDK is a brand new technology that allows you to access data that was encrypted using SSL and perform on the fly SSL decryption. The hijacker uses Komodia’s Redirector platform to allow you easy access to the data and the ability to modify, redirect, block, and record the data without triggering the target browser’s certification warning.

  • Komodia’s Watchdog

    The Kernel protection watchdog is used to protect Komodia’s Redirector files from being deleted/modified, lsp from being uninstalled and also protects the main process will not be stopped.