LSP programming tutorial

When I first started to learn LSP it was about nine years ago when Winsock LSP was an obscured hard to learn technology, but today there are more resources available, if it’s in Microsoft web sites, other people web site, or Komodia’s web site.

If someone would approach me today and ask me for a recommendations on where to start to learn LSP, my first question would be:  “why?” usually people want to learn LSP to develop some sort of product or for fun, if it’s for fun then I recommend to go ahead and learn it using the resources on Komodia’s site, but if it’s to develop a commercial application I’m against it because what looks easy to do with LSP will be a loosing deal on the long run.

The reason I’m saying this is because I know that Komodia’s products are developed for 3 years now full time and I’m (Barak Weichselbaum) a world’s expert in the field of LSPs and we still get bug reports for the things we could never foresee upfront, so for someone to start from scratch (expert or not) may appear to have lower cost but in reality they will have very high TCO.


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