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How to intercept data on Internet

How to intercept data on Internet? This can be done using number of technologies:

  • Winsock LSP – Is good when you want to operate at user level and inspect streams and not packets.
  • TDI – Soon to be phased out, it’s a driver like technology that can be used either in packet or stream level.
  • NDIS – Kernel driver that inspects packets and has total control over the network.
  • WFP – Microsoft new filterting platform, but until Windows XP is phased out, I forsee it will not gain momentum.


HTTP Filtering SDK

HTTP Filtering SDK is needed when you want to filter/modify HTTP traffic. The challenge when trying to modify HTTP is that you first need to remove all the HTTP encodings like GZIP, Inflate, SDCH, Chunked transfer and more.

Once you removed the encodings you also need to adjust the headers so the browser will know how to interpert the new encodings.