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Help Wanted: Windows Layered Service Provider LSP Driver Developer

It is tough in the land of the LSP developer.  I know that writing even a simple LSP code can take as much as 90 days!  That seems like such a long time to spend on the little, simple things – especially when it is time you could be spending on the meatier LSP problems and issues that you will have to face.

That is why I believe so strongly in the value of Komodia’s products.  They can offer you a service that will honestly save your most valuable resource: TIME.

You can spend your time writing line after line of code on the simple things or you can let Komodia do it for you.  This will free you up for other concerns involving LSP: how to inject to running process, et cetera…

Keep the frustration level to a minimum!  Remember how you used to feel when you saw a job description that included Windows layered service provider LSP driver developer?


Free Komodia Downloads

Are you in search of a TCP stream sniffer or how about an SSL sniffer?

Did you know that Komodia gives you free downloads and tools as well as their guides and resource pages?

Komodia gives you a completely free HTTP & HTTPS stream sniffer that uses Internet Explorer & FireFox.  This software is free in order to show Komodia’s SSL filtering abilities.

There are two free versions of the TCP/IP library – an opensource C++ library that is completely free!


Firewall Source for Vista

Are you looking for the firewall source code in Vista?  What if I told you that you could have a LSP enabled firewall without writing any code?  Komodia’s Redirector is your true firewall source for Vista because the work is already accomplished for you.  Why spend so many hours on a firewall when it has already been done by Komodia?  Would not your time be better spent on other areas?  I believe so.  I think that you would appreciate the power and time-saving ease of Komodia’s Redirector – and it cannot hurt to check it out!


You Have Questions; Komodia Has Answers

You have questions:

  1. Does LSP layer supports port blocking?
  2. When hijacking the Winsock connect function, what should I do next?
  3. How can I set up a Vista 64 anonymizer?
  4. How do I intergrate a Winsock modify package into my development?

And Komodia has answers:


Layered Service Provider Redirect to a HTML Page

If you want to have the layered service provider redirect to a HTML page, it can be done.  Winsock LSP enabled devices can do so many things for you, but often times you spend a great deal of time writing code for the smaller details.  That is where Komodia’s products come into play.  The Redirector can provide you with a multitude of functions without you ever having to write a single line of code.  How great is that?  Using a Winsock modify html request is not so much difficult as it is tedious and time consuming.  Wouldn’t you really rather spend your time writing the more important code?


How to Block Internet Using Winsock

So you need to know how to block internet using Winsock?  Well, you have come to the right spot my friends.  Komodia’s Redirector allows you to intercept Internet traffic based on whatever rules that you create.  It also comes with many functions that you can perform without ever writing any code at all!

So if you want to block the Internet or even to use Winsock API to block network connection, then you definitely need to at least read the free report and consider a free 14 day trial.


Winsock Modify Package

Komodia’s Redirector is the best Winsock modify package on the market – hands down!  There is very little that the Redirector cannot do for you.  Are you considering a project that includes hijacking the winsock connect function?  Then the Redirector is for you.

Read and modify all the incoming traffic and outgoing traffic that you catch by your own rules – Komodia’ Redirector.  Use a proxy server to tunnel all of your traffic – Komodia’s Redirector.


Vista 64 Anonymizer

You will hear questions regarding Vista 64 anonymizer.  Are anonymizers compatible with Vista 64 bit?  Do I have to run a 32 bit browser on a Vista 64 bit machine in order to use an anonymizer?  The answer to all of your Vista 64 anonymizer questions is Komodia’s Redirector.  With Komodia’s Redirector you can instantly and easily and simply write an anonymizer application.


Does LSP Layer Supports Port Blocking

This is one of the questions that I found in a comment posted to this blog:  does LSP layer supports port blocking?  My answer to this type of question is simply to direct you to Komodia’s free Winsock LSP guide and resource page.  It is going to be able to answer all of your Winsock LSP questions.  When you do find a problem that you either cannot answer or you do not want to spend the time to fix, then I want to point you towards Komodia’s Redirector.  With Komodia’s Redirector you can block Internet using Winsock and much more.


Block Winsock

When it comes to information to block Winsock, what you really want to know about is Komodia’s Redirector.  It makes it possible to change network sessions with just a couple clicks. The redirector intercepts any traffic on your local machine based on the rules you decide. The redirector includes several functions for you to use without ever writing any lines of code.

So if you want to control whatever TCP traffic you wish to redirect for inspection or have the Winsock API to block network connection or even encrypt any outgoing unsecure sessions (plus so much more), than check out Komodia’s redirector now!