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Help Wanted: Windows Layered Service Provider LSP Driver Developer

It is tough in the land of the LSP developer.  I know that writing even a simple LSP code can take as much as 90 days!  That seems like such a long time to spend on the little, simple things – especially when it is time you could be spending on the meatier LSP problems and issues that you will have to face.

That is why I believe so strongly in the value of Komodia’s products.  They can offer you a service that will honestly save your most valuable resource: TIME.

You can spend your time writing line after line of code on the simple things or you can let Komodia do it for you.  This will free you up for other concerns involving LSP: how to inject to running process, et cetera…

Keep the frustration level to a minimum!  Remember how you used to feel when you saw a job description that included Windows layered service provider LSP driver developer?


Layered Service Provider Development

Whether a beginner or a seasoned programmer – from newbie to guru – when it comes to layered service provider development, we can ALL use some help from time to time.  The most seasoned windows layered service provider lsp driver developer can hit a snag.  The communication stream only needs to run across one small ripple to send your work into turmoil.  Always remember that Komodia’s free guide on layered service provider development is only one click away!