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You Have Questions; Komodia Has Answers

You have questions:

  1. Does LSP layer supports port blocking?
  2. When hijacking the Winsock connect function, what should I do next?
  3. How can I set up a Vista 64 anonymizer?
  4. How do I intergrate a Winsock modify package into my development?

And Komodia has answers:


NDIS Hooking Source Code

NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) makes it possible for varying transport protocols to communicate with the network adapters (and any other hardware device).  When you are looking for NDIS specific information (like a NDIS hooking source code), the best place to find everything you may need is Komodia’s free NDIS guide.

Komodia’s NDIS free guide answers questions and provides information for all things network driver interface related.  From the NDIS hooking source code to the NDIS passthru and more.


Packet Redirection NDIS Questions

NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) allows differing transport protocols to communicate with the network adapters (and/or other hardware devices). NDIS accomplishes this by giving a specification to the Network Driver Architecture. As soon as the transport protocol communicates to the network adapter using these NDIS specifications, then the network adapter will be able to send/receive packets and other data over this network.  For all questions related to packet redirection NDIS or passthru NDIS modify concerns, please view Komdia’s free NDIS Guide.