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NDIS 64 bit passthru

NDIS 64 bit Passthru is a service that allows you to intercept all information packets that sent to, sent from, or received by a network interface.  If that wasn’t cool enough, you can also read, block, and/or modify any and all of these information packets.  Passthru NDIS modify is a relatively simple procedure once you have it all down.  Here is the best part, Komodia has a free NDIS guide!


Packet Redirection NDIS Questions

NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) allows differing transport protocols to communicate with the network adapters (and/or other hardware devices). NDIS accomplishes this by giving a specification to the Network Driver Architecture. As soon as the transport protocol communicates to the network adapter using these NDIS specifications, then the network adapter will be able to send/receive packets and other data over this network.  For all questions related to packet redirection NDIS or passthru NDIS modify concerns, please view Komdia’s free NDIS Guide.