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Firewall Source for Vista

Are you looking for the firewall source code in Vista?  What if I told you that you could have a LSP enabled firewall without writing any code?  Komodia’s Redirector is your true firewall source for Vista because the work is already accomplished for you.  Why spend so many hours on a firewall when it has already been done by Komodia?  Would not your time be better spent on other areas?  I believe so.  I think that you would appreciate the power and time-saving ease of Komodia’s Redirector – and it cannot hurt to check it out!


You Have Questions; Komodia Has Answers

You have questions:

  1. Does LSP layer supports port blocking?
  2. When hijacking the Winsock connect function, what should I do next?
  3. How can I set up a Vista 64 anonymizer?
  4. How do I intergrate a Winsock modify package into my development?

And Komodia has answers:


Winsock Modify Package

Komodia’s Redirector is the best Winsock modify package on the market – hands down!  There is very little that the Redirector cannot do for you.  Are you considering a project that includes hijacking the winsock connect function?  Then the Redirector is for you.

Read and modify all the incoming traffic and outgoing traffic that you catch by your own rules – Komodia’ Redirector.  Use a proxy server to tunnel all of your traffic – Komodia’s Redirector.


Firewall Source Code in Vista

Are you working on a project that requires you to search out the firewall source code in Vista?  If so, you really want to check out Komodia’s Redirector.  I am not going to go into the entire deal here when you can view the page yourself.  However, there are 2 points that I do want to make while I have your attention:

  1. You can request a 14 day trial.  Hey, see for yourself!
  2. Don’t make a decision until you read Komdia’s free report.

So, looking for the firewall source in Vista?  Check out Komodia’s Redirector!


Layered Service Provider Redirect to a HTML Page

Komodia’s Redirector is an incredibly innovative and time saving application.  Layered service provider redirect to a html page is just one of its many uses.  It is very easy to have winsock modify html request with Komidia’s redirector.  If you take the time to explore the many services that Komodia is providing, you will find a great deal of time saved for your other projects and needs.