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You Have Questions; Komodia Has Answers

You have questions:

  1. Does LSP layer supports port blocking?
  2. When hijacking the Winsock connect function, what should I do next?
  3. How can I set up a Vista 64 anonymizer?
  4. How do I intergrate a Winsock modify package into my development?

And Komodia has answers:


Vista 64 Anonymizer

You will hear questions regarding Vista 64 anonymizer.  Are anonymizers compatible with Vista 64 bit?  Do I have to run a 32 bit browser on a Vista 64 bit machine in order to use an anonymizer?  The answer to all of your Vista 64 anonymizer questions is Komodia’s Redirector.  With Komodia’s Redirector you can instantly and easily and simply write an anonymizer application.


Does LSP Layer Supports Port Blocking

This is one of the questions that I found in a comment posted to this blog:  does LSP layer supports port blocking?  My answer to this type of question is simply to direct you to Komodia’s free Winsock LSP guide and resource page.  It is going to be able to answer all of your Winsock LSP questions.  When you do find a problem that you either cannot answer or you do not want to spend the time to fix, then I want to point you towards Komodia’s Redirector.  With Komodia’s Redirector you can block Internet using Winsock and much more.


Block Winsock

When it comes to information to block Winsock, what you really want to know about is Komodia’s Redirector.  It makes it possible to change network sessions with just a couple clicks. The redirector intercepts any traffic on your local machine based on the rules you decide. The redirector includes several functions for you to use without ever writing any lines of code.

So if you want to control whatever TCP traffic you wish to redirect for inspection or have the Winsock API to block network connection or even encrypt any outgoing unsecure sessions (plus so much more), than check out Komodia’s redirector now!


Net filter SDK

Network Redirector SDK is Komodia’s flagship product, it does 95% of all possible network modification needed and it’s off the shelf product, which means that you can work with it from the minute you use it just like Net filter SDK.

In case you do need to extend its functionality you can write a DLL using our easy to use DLL extension framework.