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HTTP Filtering SDK

HTTP Filtering SDK is needed when you want to filter/modify HTTP traffic. The challenge when trying to modify HTTP is that you first need to remove all the HTTP encodings like GZIP, Inflate, SDCH, Chunked transfer and more.

Once you removed the encodings you also need to adjust the headers so the browser will know how to interpert the new encodings.


Net filter SDK

Network Redirector SDK is Komodia’s flagship product, it does 95% of all possible network modification needed and it’s off the shelf product, which means that you can work with it from the minute you use it just like Net filter SDK.

In case you do need to extend its functionality you can write a DLL using our easy to use DLL extension framework.


URL filtering SDK

URL Filtering SDK are used for programmers or companies that want to develop web content filter, usually for parental control and wants to focus their development on what their clients perceive as advantage: GUI, Support, ease of use. The usage of the SDK frees up development time which is complex and time consuming.

Here at Komodia we developed our URL Filtering SDK for about 3 years. Even you’re going to implement only subset of the functionality, please allow for up to six month of development and QA, and that’s just for the basic functionality.