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Free Komodia Downloads

Are you in search of a TCP stream sniffer or how about an SSL sniffer?

Did you know that Komodia gives you free downloads and tools as well as their guides and resource pages?

Komodia gives you a completely free HTTP & HTTPS stream sniffer that uses Internet Explorer & FireFox.  This software is free in order to show Komodia’s SSL filtering abilities.

There are two free versions of the TCP/IP library – an opensource C++ library that is completely free!


C++ parental control

You can get a free trial of our c++ parental control which allows you to build you own filter without wasting your valuable time on learning and implementing network interception and modification techniques.

It also parses various HTTP encodings such as GZIP, Inflate, SDCH, Chunked trasfer and has the ability to decrypt SSL traffic.