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Windows Transparent Proxy LSP

If you wish to set up a transparent proxy for Windows, is the place you want to be.  Windows transparent proxy LSP is, of course, a Komodia specialty.  That is not really saying much as all things LSP are Komodia specialties.  Do you want to know more about layered service provider check on windows?  Well, that’s a Komodia specialty as well.  Check out Komodia’s free LSP guide and free LSP resource page.


Install LSP on Windows 7 64 bit

When you are going to install LSP on windows 7 64 bit, it is vital to understand that you have two separate running applications – 32-bit and 64-bit.  These both load the compatible DLL.  Therefore, the 32-bit application loads a 32-bit LSP and the same is true with the 64-bit.  This installed layered service provider is specific.  The windows 7 OS maintains both kinds of catalogs and if you want to support the 64-bit platform you must install both (32 and 64-bit) versions of your LSP (using a specific installer for each).


Winsock inject

Winsock layered service provider (LSP) is going to make it possible to block, inspect, and/or modify network calls.  This is accomplished through a Winsock inject.  Winsock LSP enables you to inject your code between the user network calls and the actual Winsock Application Programming Interface (API).

When you check LSP Winsock documentation online, you will find that there is next to nothing available.  That is a need that we have endeavored to meet by providing the free Winsock LSP Guide.