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How to Write LSP and Where to Find LSP Samples

Here are two questions that we hear rather frequently:

The short answer is, of course, Komodia.com. 

How to write LSP Komodia has several tools that you can use to begin your Winsock LSP writing career.  There is the free LSP guide, the free LSP resource page, and the free LSP newsletter.  You can use all of these tools as a beginner to bolster your LSP knowledge and get you on the correct track.

Where to find LSP samples Komodia has an entire library full of free LSP samples that you can incorporate into your work and use.  Just follow the LSP sample links that you find in this post to find the LSP samples here on Komodia.

Remember, when it comes to LSP, Komodia is your free LSP resource on the Internet.


How to Write an LSP

There are so many different factors that go into how to write an LSP that the entire task can just seem too daunting.  Faced with this, many quit before they even begin.  Granted, this is no easy job because there is a great deal that you have to learn.  How winsock communicates with the kernel, for instance, is just one of the many.  However, Komodia is the online resource for LSP – and I do not just mean the LSP products either.  Komodia has a free LSP guide, a free LSP resource page, and a free LSP newsletter.  When you want to learn how to write an LSP, www.komodia.com is the place to be.


How To Write An LSP

Microsoft gives you samples to use, but this will not necessarily teach you how to write an LSP.  Furthermore, you need to be absolutely certain that an LSP is your answer.  Winsock LSP is generally used when you want to change stream level communication. An LSP will receive the TCP stream completely assembled. To change or modify the stream at this level is very difficult, but can be done with LSP.  Komodia is the best resource when you are asking yourself, “How do I write a Layered Server Protocol?”