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What is Layered Service Protocol?

Layered Service Protocol is another lesser used acronym for LSP and is often used interchangeably with Layered Service Provider.  LSP is simply a DLL using Winsock APIs to place itself inside the communication stack.  Once it is there, it can interact with the communication by reading, intercepting, and even modifying the data.

There are so many things that can be done with LSP.  You can do anything from simply tracking bugs to redirecting winsock sockets.  The sky is the limit with LSP.


Layered Service Protocol

Layered Service Provider (LSP – and sometimes referred to as Layered Service Protocol) is a DLL using the Winsock API to insert your code in to the communication stack.  The LSP can then read, intercept, and/or modify this Internet traffic.  Whether you find LSP as Layered Service Provider or Layered Service Protocol, they are referring to the same thing.