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Problems With LSP & LSP Issues

It does not matter how long you have been working with LSP – every LSP developer has problems arise every day.  So do not take your problems with LSP personally!  I think sometimes my greatest block to working well is the frustration I get when I run into an LSP issue. 

(“Why isn’t this working?!  It is supposed to be working!  I did everything correctly!” – sound familiar?)

Well, Komodia.com is THE online tool for LSP developers.  There is a free LSP guide and an incredible LSP resource page as well as an LSP newsletter.  Feel free to use all of the available LSP information and tools because that is why it is here!


Fix LSP Issues For Vista: 64 Bit

It is just amazing to me how popular 64 bit operating systems have become lately.  It can cause LSP problems with Vista and 64 bit Windows Socket APIs.  Obviously, when you want to install LSP on a 64 bit operating system, you will need to install a 64 bit LSP.  Even when running on a 64 bit operating system, any 32 bit application will load both the DLLs and LSP in 32 bit.  Therefore, you must first install the 32 bit LSP.

When you are running a 64 bit application, it will load the DLLs and LSP in 64 bit.  Both (32 & 64) LSP stacks are kept and used by the 64 bit operating system – so you are going to need both 32 & 64 installers.  Remember to always install the 32 bit LSP first before the 64 bit LSP.

Hopefully, this will help you to fix LSP issues for Vista.