Its been very long since I emailed you, been busy with Windows 8
and WFP, the dust now settled and most AV suites are Windows 8
compatible and so it works with Komodia’s WFP, it’s been a few
busy months working with 3rd party vendors.

I wanted to let you know about a feature I think is quite big
that is almost ready, which is per page local side
classification, currently most parental control/DLP/policy
enforcement either use a 3rd party classification service and
thus protection at domain level, or they use a cloud proxy
solution which adds latency and is more expensive because of the
hardware/resources involves. Currently Komodia’s classification
services server allows to do a per page classification but we
have limit this option to Youtube only, because for true full
page you need a farm of servers that will be able to get all
pages ahead of the user and this raises costs (just like the
proxy solution).

Why per page classification is needed? lets take for example
Wikipedia, you’d want to allow your child or employee to visit
it, but you wouldn’t like them to visit some pages, for example:

What we did is take the server side engine (which is a monster,
it take 1.5GB of memory on the server) and compacted it into a
client side mini engine (which takes only 40MB of ram) and
integrated it into the SDK, so now when you use the
classification service, the domain is checked with the server and
sub pages are checked on the fly without requiring proxy or a
server farm, and on top of that it’s not just for porn, you get a
classification out of 100 categories.

I will email again when it’s ready, if you find this interesting
and want to know more, reply to this email.

Stay safe,