Do we use open source software?

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This page will list the open source packages the are used inside Komodia's products.

Which open source licenses are used

Komodia's products uses only open source license that are either: BSD or any modification of BSD and MIT or any modification of MIT, the products don't use any GPL or statically linked LGPL packages (the only LGPL package we used is dynamically linked which is allowed by the license)



OpenSSL is used inside Komodia's Redirector


Zlib is used inside Komodia's Redirector HTTP Parser module, and inside Komodia's Interceptor HTTP Parser module.


PLink is used inside Komodia's Redirector SSH Module

LSP and Register LSP

Both Komodia's LSP and Komodia's Advanced LSP Installer are using free Microsoft's(tm) skeletons.

Mozilla NSS

Mozilla NSS is used inside Komodia's SSL Digestor to install Firefox and Thunderbird certificates.


Regex library is used for cookie filtering.