What kind of support is provided?

From Komodia

This is the support provided when purchasing the SDK, the support is unlimited in terms of queries for the duration of the support period.


Help with integrating Komodia's SDK into the client's product/project.

General support

We will answer any question regarding the SDK, how it works, and how to use it

General updates

Once per month to two months clients receive new version including bug fix and possible feature upgrades.

Bug support

Help with problems with end user machines in the field, Komodia works with the client which works with his end user (Komodia does not support end users directly). On rare occasion Komodia might do a remote session to the end user machine.

Source code support

In case the client bought the source code, support regarding explanation of the source code (for modifying or integrating it) are not part of the support and are answered based on free time and availability.