LSP (Layered Service Provider) programming is a rare and hard to find expertise because it requires knowledge and experience in many architectures and programming language such as: winsock programming, win32 API, C/C++ programming, and of course LSP programming.

More then once we’ve been called to salvage a project because of an inexperienced LSP programmer and a sad fact is that there aren’t many good LSP programmers or companies to hire.

We decided to compile a list of questions to ask a potential company: (after reading it we recommend that you read our LSP (Layered Service Provider) guide web page.

What other LSP projects have you done before?

You have to make sure this is not the first project the company will do, of course there’s nothing wrong with doing a project for the first time, just as long as it’s OK with and you have time to afford project failure. Make sure you pay a rate lower then market standards.

Pay attention to your communication

A good outsourcing company will not answer YES to all of your questions, they will point out difficulties and may offer alternatives but a “copy paste” answer like this: “we have done this project before and we can deliver it in short time” should raise suspicion.

General communication

Make sure you get a relevant answers to your questions, more then once we encountered a situation where we asked something but received an answer that had no relation to the original question, make sure this is a one time incident rather then a communication problem in general which will make the success of the project almost impossible.

Support and bug fixes

The project never ends when it’s submitted, it take some time to debug it successfully, specially when dealing with LSP – features that work on windows XP may not work on windows Vista and other unexpected errors (Vista is known for complicating things). Make sure the price always include a period of complimentary support, or negotiate it upfront for an extra fee.

Can I contact you to outsource my LSP project?

Komodia is the leading market LSP solution provider and is delivering high quality LSP and other programming solutions and projects for the past eight years, feel free to contact us for a general request or for a quote request.