Tel-Aviv, Israel (See original on PRWEB) November 21, 2012:

Komodia has released its new URL classification service. It can now categorize a site in one of 100 categories, with a strong emphasis on adult content that currently has nine categories that give better granularity, making it especially suited for child protection. There is also strong emphasis on productivity categories that are used to block sites in workplaces.

The service offers many new and exciting features that other services using older-generation classification engines are unable to do. For example, there is the Classification of keyword phrases, which allows for a search phrase to be classified and blocked without relying on a search engine’s safe search feature. There also is real-time classification, which classifies new domains as they are accessed, removing the necessity of manual review.

Another of the new features this product is bringing to the table is dynamic classification. Instead of automatically giving the domain category of “blog” to blogs under popular hosting sites such as Blogspot, Blogger and similar, the server will classify the blog on the fly and will give it a more accurate category. Real-time classification of single Web pages is another new feature, and this allows for classifying movies on sites such as Youtube, Vimeo and other online video hosting.

According to Barak Weichselbaum, the founder of Komdia, “Now our users will be able to get the category on a single page inside a site that has a general category, such as a news portal. This allows ad publishers to bid more accurately on pages that match their ad inventory – or not bid at all on pages that conflict with brand safety compliance, or are on subjects that may not be the best page to publish their ads, like a family travel ad on a page that talks about a violent crime.”

Komodia’s URL database is refreshed on Komdia’s servers every 7 days, allowing for detection of parked pages that may contain links different from the site’s original theme and might not be safe. The service is hosted on the cloud and can also be hosted on the client’s infrastructure. Another important feature is that it’s built inside the Redirection SDK, which means that the developer doesn’t have to spend time on integrating the solution. Weichselbaum adds, “Because our classification service uses a new generation engine, our operating costs are lower. As a result, we are able to offer a more competitive price.”