Tel Aviv, Israel (See original on PRWEB) December 31, 2012

Parental Control Solutions Ltd., a subsidiary of Komodia Ltd, has just released their free, new parental control software called KeepMyFamilySecure, and has changed the way parents are able to control what their children view on the Internet. The company reports that in the past five years, the engine used to create the software – Komodia’s SDK has been used in many of the world’s leading parental control and Internet monitoring clients on the market today. In the past year, they added URL Classification as a complimentary service.

Barak Weichselbaum, CEO and founder of Parental Control Solutions Ltd., explained how this product came about: “We decided to use the knowledge and experience we gained from servicing the industry and create our own parental control client (using Komodia’s SDK and Komodia’s classification service), which also helped to improve the SDK itself and the parental control software using it”.

Barak goes on the explain: “Our main focus while developing the software was to insure that it utilized a very user-friendly control panel (GUI), so that even an inexperienced mom or dad could install the program without being concerned about the technical aspects of it. The control panel is so easy to use that the only decision the parent has to make is the child’s age”.

KeepMyFamilySecure features a high-tech safe-search function, that is miles ahead of the competition. While it’s true that all of the leading search engines have built in safe-search features, they only focus on explicit nudity. Searching for a phrase like “hot women”, with safe search on, will reveal pictures of subject matter not fit for children, even if it is not explicit. Some search engines and image repositories do not even offer a safe-search feature, and when they do, they do not filter other categories that are not kid-safe, such as: drugs, gambling, violence, weapons, etc.

The safe-search that is employed by KeepMyFamilySecure will classify the search phrase, and will block the search if it fits any category that is not suitable for kids. Not only this, but if the phrase is not blocked, the results are analyzed, and if more than 40% of the results should be blocked, the entire search will be blocked.

The company also reports that the software also provides features like: reporting, time based blocking, and manual site whitelisting/blacklisting capabilities. Currently, the software is free. The next stage in the planning will be the Freemium Model, and will have more premium features.