Tel Aviv, Israel (See original on PRWEB) December 31, 2012 announces the availability for purchase of its URL classification service database, as well as providing the static URL Blacklist. The company reports that while offering the URL classification service via a server, they discovered that there is also a need for a one-time purchase, or a subscription based plan, for static lists with high accuracy.

The new offering consists of:

1. The proprietary static list of URL’s are divided into 100 categories that are suitable for SEO use, and with DansGuardian, or SquidGuard, or other proxy software that uses a blacklist.

2. A one-time scan of per page, or per domain URL, will provide categories for a list provided by the client, at a lower cost. reports that the URL Blacklist contains over 7 million URL’s, and is refreshed every week. New URL’s are added from free Internet resources and from our clients who use the classification server to allow greater coverage which is required for the static lists. This is unlike when using the online server, which can classify sites on the fly.

Komodia’s URL classification service is used by companies for: parental control, workplace policy enforcement, and target marketing research and planning for ad publishers. The process includes the use of a special script for automatic downloading of sites from different free listings.

Barak Weichselbaum, CEO and founder of, explains: “In every scan the Komodia spider saves the top keywords for each site, currently our database contains 60 millions keywords and their matching sites. Later we analyze those keywords, for example, we can make a query of top keywords per category and then check any site that has a keyword from a certain category, but was not classified for that category, and check why”.