Komodia’s iOS SDK is a browser for Apple’s iPhone and iPad platform that will allow you to develop a parental control solution for the mobile platform.

How does it work?

Unlike the Komodia’s Redirector for PC, you can’t intercept traffic inside iOS, there are tricks like DNS or proxies that may not work on 3G surfing and you probably cross swords with Apple.

The current way to do parental control is to develop a browser and by using iOS security features lock out Safari and other applications that the child can use to surf the Internet.

What do I get?

We sell you the source code to a browser we have developed (you will need a Mac to compile it), the browser looks like Safari, and you have a callback for URL that the user entered, or a URL that the user clicked on (you don’t have access to URLs loaded inside a web page), and have the ability to change that URL to your block page.

An optional module is the integration to Komodia’s URL Server that will give you classification ability.

* You will need to add your specific code to the package, for example, manage the blocking settings.


The price for the source code is 7000$, and it entitles you to have 250,000 free users and 100,000 paid users, if you pass it, then it means you made a lot of money and you will need to pay an additional 5000$ to get another block of users.

Annual support and updates is 20% and paid after one year period, each year (it’s optional, you can decide not to renew support)


Unfortunately there’s no trials with iOS, contact us for more information regarding the SDK.