WFP support in Windows 8

What’s new with Windows 8

Windows 8 offers two modes of work: Metro and Desktop. Desktop is the mode we are used to, most apps that work on Windows 7, will work fine on Desktop mode. Metro is the new mode that uses sandbox for each app, Metro app can’t use normal Win API, it has to use WinRT which is a special Metro API.

How this affects WFP?

WFP is replacing old technologies such as LSP and TDI.

What’s next?

Any application that wants to intercept Metro based apps must use WFP, since all other method will not work with Metro (TDI/DLL Injection/LSP)

Does Komodia has a solution?

Yes, we have a WFP component for quite sometime, we have tested it with Metro apps and it partially worked (unlike the LSP that didn’t work at all, as expected), we are now working to make our WFP component Windows 8 ready, you can visit the product’s page: Komodia’s Redirector.