What is Komodia’s Redirector?

Komodia Redirector

Komodia’s Redirector allows you to change TCP/IP network sessions with a few simple clicks. The platform intercepts traffic (using LSP/WFP) on the local machine based on rules that you define, and it includes many built in functions that you can use without writing a single line of code.

Product Benefits

Save money: Doing it yourself will take one year of trial and error, sure it may work in the lab on a XP VM, but when you try to shift into Vista/7 with all the new browsers and network applications expect things to break down fast. We have already solved these problems for you, so you can focus on what’s really important.

Avoid frustration: each client is assigned with a dedicated account manager to handle your support, the account manager is a programmer so you get a direct access to a developer that is familiar with the SDK and is familiar with your market’s needs and wants.

Save time: Using the SDK reduces time to market by four to eight months that you would spend on trial and error developing a subset of the SDK functionality, we know it’s tempting to think the development will take a month or two, but the reality is that it takes more then that, and you also need to consider double the time you will spend on QA.

No surprises: It’s tempting to go and get something built by a freelancer, in fact some of our clients had a previous solution built for them, but a freelancer will do one or two checks on his virtual machine, and leave you to handle all the bugs yourself, for example: the default MS sample doesn’t work with Safari, iTunes, World of Warcraft, FF, and more! We know this because we already fixed those problems, so there are no surprises (don’t take us at face value, here is a list of development challenges that you need to address doing it yourself or using a freelancer).

Product Information

This unique one of a kind redirection SDK that allows you to develop your network interception and redirection application, with this SDK you would be able to perform the following using a few simple clicks and without the need to write a single line of code:

  • Control which TCP traffic to redirect for your inspection based on: applications, ports, and IPs.
  • Control which UDP traffic to redirect into Socks5 proxy based on: applications, ports, and IPs.
  • Inspect and process the incoming and outgoing traffic that is captured with the rules you have defined.
  • SSL decryption so you will filter even secure sites.
  • Parental control and white/black list URL management.
  • Tunnel all traffic via another proxy server.
  • Enable HTTP header filtering to change request and reply HTTP fields on the fly (e.g. change user-agent, remove a cookie or add custom headers).

In addition the product has optional modules that allows you to:

  • SSL Digestor - Decrypt SSL data, process it, modify it (if requried) and encrypt it back to SSL.
  • DNS Hijack – Intercepts DNS requests and prevents them from leaving the computer, perfect for bypassing censored DNS.
  • HTTP Parser – Parses HTTP traffic and gives you the HTTP data parsed (removing GZIP/Deflate encodings, chunked transfers, HTTP 100 responses).
  • Parental control – Performs actual parental control with easy to use keywords interface.
  • Kernel watchdog – Protects the SDK from being removed/modified/stopped by unauthorized users.
  • URL Classification – The SDK has built in module to give you the category of every page the end user visits (URL Classification is sold as an optional service).

With Komodia’s Redirector SDK you can develop number of applications such as:

  • Parental control: block or redirect web pages based on content(using our Parental control SDK.
  • SSL Stream decrypting: You can purchase an additional SSL decrypting module to decrypt the contents of a SSL session and modify the data without alerting the browser.
  • Ad injection: Inject ads/javascripts into any HTTP/HTTPS page without relaying on browser extension or plugin.
  • Ad block: Block any ads inside any HTTP/HTTPS page without relaying on browser extension or plugin.
  • Anonymizer: forward data to a proxy (local or remote), and perform HTTP header modification.
  • Secure anonymizer: forward data to a proxy server while encrypting the session using SSL (with a proxy that supports SSL encryption, e.g., Squid).
  • Spam filtering: filter emails based on content.
  • Traffic control and data manipulation: forward data to a proxy server after you perform custom data modification such as: Changing HTTP data, compressing the data, encrypting the data using other then SSL encryption and of course perform the reverse on the returning incoming data.
  • Traffic monitoring: track surfing activity, limit bandwidth.

There are many reasons why our clients chose Komodia’s Redirector as their interception engine:

  • Instantly develop your application, the SDK doesn’t require network or Winsock LSP programming knowledge.
  • Developing a similar product with all the features takes a skilled Winsock LSP and windows programmer at least three months, don’t forget to add QA time on top of this time frame. The cost of the SDK is only 1850$ (view price quote).
  • Saves time you would have to deal with exotic or common LSP problems – we have already done this for you. Komodia has fixed a wide array of bugs reported by our clients and our clients’ clients, thus saving your precious time from being wasted on QA. (See our bugs page)
  • Tested in commercial releases. Saves you QA costs and allows you to focus on developing and testing the real functionality of your product.
  • Can be used commercially. Similar “free” products come with no support and with GPL licenses, which makes them commercially unusable.
  • 14-day pre-purchase evaluation period, try before you buy.
  • Phenomenal support, you receive either 30 or 60 days of support after purchse (depending on the product and features purchased) which includes: Counseling on the best way to ingerate our products with yours, software update, reported bugs are usualy fixed within 24-48 hours.
  • Easy to interface with API, written using COM technology you can use any language to control the Redirector.
  • Most importantly: Get the Redirector NOW and save at least six months of development and labor costs.
Regular operation without Komodia’s Redirector

Diagram 1

  • Internet Explorer connects to a web server on port 80.
  • Internet Explorer and the web server communicate directly.
Operation with Komodia’s Redirector (configured to intercept port 80 traffic)
Diagram 2
  • Internet Explorer connects to the web server on port 80.
  • The LSP intercepts the TCP/IP communications and redirects to Komodia’s Redirector.
  • At this stage, Komodia’s Redirector can reshape the traffic, block it, or redirect the Internet Explorer session to another web site.
  • All data from the website can be modified and/or blocked. After the data is manipulated, it is forwarded to Internet explorer.
  • The Redirector’s main service is written in C++, can be compiled with VS6 and above and is controller by a COM API.
  • The TCP/IP Redirector component is a Winsock LSP.
  • The LSP is registered using our Advanced LSP installer.
  • Includes two control GUI samples written in VB and MFC using the COM interfaces that the service exports.
  • Works on Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and all 64bit flavors (LSP works on Windows desktop only, WFP works on both desktop and Metro for Windows 8).
  • Built-in support for tunneling via HTTP proxy, HTTP Connect proxy, SSL protected proxy, Socks4, Socks5 and Socks5 with UDP support.
  • Built-in support HTTP header manipulation.
  • Allows extending via DLL interface which can be written in C++ or Delphi (when buying the product with source, you can integrate your code directly inside the product).
  • Allows extending via COM interface which can be written in C++, C#, VB.Net, or Delphi.

Powerpoints how to guides:

Manuals and frameworks:

All prices are for 50,000 end users (you can purchase more users if needed), except for ad injection which have a different pricing per end user.

View the official quote, a partial price list:

Binary version Source version
Basic Redirector 2050$ 4200$
SSL Digestor 1650$ 3400$
HTTP Parser 750$ 1600$

I have found Komodia’s products to be feature rich backed by excellent support and quick turnaround by the development team. Barracuda Networks had some very specific requirements that were supported in a timely and cost-effective manner. I highly recommend Komodia’s products and solutions.

Ray Kelly

Manager, Client Side Technologies

Barracuda Networks

After research about LSP technology, due to its complexity, we were aware it will take us months to develop our own reliable LSP. This would inevitable delay release of our product significantly thus we have decided to outsource the development of the LSP. After reviewing many LSP vendors, we have decided to go with Komodia. In just a few days we have got a fully customized LSP version which suits all our needs. We are very happy with Komodia?s LSP as well as their support. More than 15,000 of our customers have used Komodia?s LSP in our product with success rate ~98%. We highly recommend Komodia.

Astrill, Australia


Over three years ago I contacted Barak at Komodia.com to see if he was able to make some major changes, clean up, and debug our existing LSP project, which had been composed by a number of different programmers with hardly any experience working with the complex and delicate nature of LSP. Barak quickly reviewed our code, gave a very reasonable quote for the work to be completed, and off to work he went.

Over the next many months, Barak gave us many updates, implemented more features that we required, helped us test and debug the project on various Windows versions, documented all code changes, and taught us some of the basics on how LSP works, allowing us to test and successfully implement our Hide My IP application. By pushing LSP technology to its maximum capabilities, Barak has allowed Hide My IP to achieve significant performance enhancements and stability increases.

As of April of 2010, Komodia.com has far exceeded our expectations in the quality of work and service provided and we look forward to an ongoing and productive working relationship with Barak.

Brent Hather My Privacy Tools, Inc.


First we tried to enhance the Microsoft LSP samples. But we figured out this way to go is a very hard one. Luckily we found the Komodia SDK that gave as exactly what we needed. After all I guess komodia saved as more than 100 developer days.

Olav Groehn


We’ve worked with Komdoia for the past two years, and found his technology easy to integrate with, and his support (even when its not ‘his issue’) excellent.

Marty Schultz


Komodia’s Redirector is a fundamental piece of our solution. If we had to write it from scratch, we would not be able to attain our goals There is simply not many developers available on the market that know this technology deeply enough to build an in-house solution for the problem that Komodia’s Redirector solves. Even if we had those developers, the cost associated with developing a bug free product for this layer would be much higher than what we paid for Komodia.

Leandro Cruz


We have been working with Komodia now for almost a year and have found that they are a reliable and conscientious supplier. Komodia are very willing to customize their products at competitive rates, allowing us to complete our project much faster that we could have done in house. We look forward to working with Komodia in the future.

Many thanks from PingBetter Limited New Zealand.


14 Days Komodia Free Trial     

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (http://www.openssl.org/) This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (eay@cryptsoft.com)

SSL DigestorDecrypt SSL data, process it, modify it (if requried) and encrypt it back to SSL.