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Winsock Block

Blocking communication using Winsock is a fairly simple procedure.  You can create a Winsock block any point that you insert Winsock into the communication stream.

To block Winsock then you would simply remove your block in the stream and communication would continue as before.

There are other programs and applications that perform this task as well and so you will need to ask yourself whether or not Winsock is the correct tool to use in this certain situation.  Fortunately Komodia is the greatest Winsock resource on the web.


Winsock LSP to work with other software

When you need your Winsock LSP to work with other software, you can feel inundated with complications.  This can be extremely frustrating.  Why go at this alone?  Use Komodia’s free LSP guide and resource page!  It is freely given for your information.

Winsock LSP can be used as a block where it is inserted in to the communication stream.  However, when you get frustrated in your project, you can get Winsock block just like a writer gets writer’s block.  Don’t let this stop you!