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64 Bit Windows Socket APIs

When you hear the term “64 bit Windows Socket APIs,” what is being referenced is just the 64 bit Winsock.  The longer phrase is merely a throwback to when programmers were still fighting the newer Winsock name.  Many refused to call Winsock anything but Windows Socket API – this actually caused a problem with online documentation for awhile until the majority of programmers realized that the issue really wasn’t worth it.  Here at Komodia, you can call 64 bit Windows Socket APIs anything you want – Komodia knows what you mean.


Winsock Samples & Layered Service Provider Issues

It can be great to use the Winsock samples that are provided in the SDK\samples directory.  However, for every plus there is a minus and the minus here is the potential errors that can arise.  If you are having Winsock layered service provider issues, it MAY be related to the use of Winsock samples.  Check out the free Winsock LSP resource page here on Komodia.com.


Winsock Tracing

A feature that is supported on Windows Vista is Winsock tracing.  It may be enabled with retail binaries to trace socket events without a heavy overhead.  The purpose for this addition to retail tracing to Winsock is in order to make better capabilities for developers available.  Be sure to check out Komodia’s free LSP Winsock guide.


How To Determine If You Are Using LSP

Komodia is THE source online for all your Winsock LSP questions.  It does not matter if you are looking for how to write LSP or even how to determine if you are using LSP, this is the place to be.  Komodia has a free LSP resource page and a free Winsock LSP guide.


How Winsock Communicates With the Kernel

Your Winsock LSP is going to be positioned in to your communication stream and may be doing any number of tasks while there.  For information on how winsock communicates with the kernel, please click this link.  Winsock LSP may be used to monitor traffic – modify traffic – and even block traffic within the communication stream.  It is no task to have winsock modify html request or any number of other duties.


What is lsp protocol?

What is LSP protocol?

What is Winsock provider?

If you are asking yourself these questions, you have come to the best place on the net for your answers.  Komodia offers a free Winsock LSP guide and a multifaceted resource page with an enormous amount of free LSP information.  This site is a leader in layered service provider information.


Windows socket hijack outgoing data port 80

When someone wants to write a program that “hijacks” a windows socket he needs to know which technology to use, there are number of technologies, each with it’s advantages and disadvantages and the programmer needs to make the correct choice, otherwise he will find himself in a world of problems down the road.

In the Winsock LSP page we talk a bit on NDIS, TDI, WFP, and when the new web site design will be up we will also have a more detailed discussion on each technology.

Our flagship product, which allows you to:  “Windows socket hijack outgoing data port 80” which is of course Komodia’s Redirector.