Client side per page classification SDK

This SDK allows you to get the classification of URLs (not just the domain) out of 100 categories.

The SDK can work with or without Komodia’s URL classification services.

Why is it needed?

To understand why this SDK is needed it’s important to understand what’s the alternatives. In the classification world there is a misused conception of per URL classification but in reality it’s per domain classification, for example if we have: and the classifiers will give for both URLs the master domain ( category.

The problem starts with sites that have legit content and content that you might not want your kids or employee to visit like Wikipedia, that has many pages in the area of sexuality and that old generation classifiers aren’t able to classify, the easiest way to check is to see how this page is classified: (this page contains sexual content, don’t open if you’re offended by it).

The two existing options today are either: have a strong server that will fetch each URL and classify it which means costs are very high (assuming the vendor is able to provide such feature at all) or use a monitored proxy server which adds latency and costs.

The SDK is a light weight (taking 2mb of space and 40mb of RAM) written in C++ that will receive the HTML data (and the URL) and will return the category of the page, this means that the resource usage shifts from server side to the client side, saving you money while allows you to provide superior solution.

How it works?

The SDK can work with or without Komodia’s classification server services.

When working with the Komodia’s classification server, the SDK first gets the domain’s classification and sees if it’s safe or not, if it is, it will classify the page, if it’s not, there’s no point in classifying the page and the master domain is returned.

When working without the Komodia’s classification server, the SDK will provide the page classification regardless of the master category, which means that some pages will be considered safe (because they are) even when they are in the context of an unsafe site.

Technical details

The SDK can come embedded into Komodia’s Redirection SDK or in a DLL form.


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