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Free TCP/UDP relay

This small utility performs either TCP/UDP/HTTP port forwarding from a source IP and port to another destination IP and port.

Usage syntax:

KomodiaRelay BindIP BindPort RemoteIP RemoteHost Protocol Timeout.

  • BindIP – Local IP to bind to.
  • BindPort – Local port to bind to.
  • RemoteIP – Remote IP to relay data to.
  • RemoteHost – Remote port to relay data to.
  • Protocol – u for UDP, and t for TCP, h for HTTP (regular TCP relay may not work with systems that have transparent proxy.
  • Timeout – Timeout in MS to close inactive connections (0 is no timeout) .

Usage example:

For example: KomodiaRelay 80 80 h 0

This will create a relay between localhost and Komodia’s web site, openning a web browser to address will connect to Komodia’s web site. (HTTP relay replaces the original IP in the host field in the HTTP request from the source IP to the new destination IP, other then that it’s a normal TCP relay).