• Free SSL Sniffer

    Free HTTP and HTTPS stream sniffer for Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox, this is a free software to demonstrate Komodia’s SSL filtering capabilities.

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  • TCP/IP library v5.1

    C++ library (free open source) that encapsulates winsock2 API functions, that allows the user to control every aspect of sockets’ key operations. Features: Easy to use and understand and most important free, Complete control over threading scenarios, Reliable and fast asynchronic sockets. (TCP,UDP), SSL support.

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  • TCP/IP library v4

    An older version of our free TCP/IP library, this version contains some features which are no longer supported by us but can still be used or used as a learning tool for packet crafting. The library includes source code for the PacketCrafter and KomodiaRelay.

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  • Komodia Relay

    Small free utility to facilitate TCP/UDP/Web port forwarding, the code is based on TCP/IP library v4.

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  • Aho Corasick (C++ implementation)

    Free open-source C++ implementation of the Aho-Corasick multiple string search algorithm.

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  • PacketCrafter

    Used to craft packets, this is an old discountinued project, works only on Win2000.