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Winsock LSP Questions

What is LSP protocol?

When should I use LSP?

What is Winstock provider?

How do I know if I am using LSP?

There are truly so many questions regarding LSP (Layered Service Provider) and Winsock (Windows Sockets).  Just because you have questions does not mean that you are an LSP newbie either!  Even the most experienced LSP developers have problems from time to time.

It is for this reason – Winsock LSP questions – that so many people visit every day.  Komodia is THE LSP resource on the Internet.  When you have an LSP problem, Komodia is going to have an LSP solution!


LSP Problem, Winsock Problem

An LSP problem is a Winsock (Windows Sockets) problem.  There is no way to have an LSP problem without a Winsock problem – they are pretty much attached at the hip.  LSP problem, Winsock problem.

So when you run into layer service provider development issues, you generally want to goto the Internet to help you find a solution.  This is how many, many people find each and every day.

For your LSP needs, there is a free LSP guide and a free LSP resource page.  There are also several free LSP samples also.  This site really is an amazing LSP tool.

However, do take note that the LSP guide is eventually going to become a book that will be available for sale on this  It is in your best interests to download the guide now while it is still free!


Are You Having Layered Service Provider Issues?

When having layered service provider issues, it is great to know that a tool like is available as an invaluable resource.  There is the free LSP guide and the free LSP resource page and the free LSP newsletter.

A problem installed LSP can seem like the loneliest problem in the world, but there is help available and it is only a click away.  For every problem that you cannot solve, Komodia will have an answer.


Free Komodia Downloads

Are you in search of a TCP stream sniffer or how about an SSL sniffer?

Did you know that Komodia gives you free downloads and tools as well as their guides and resource pages?

Komodia gives you a completely free HTTP & HTTPS stream sniffer that uses Internet Explorer & FireFox.  This software is free in order to show Komodia’s SSL filtering abilities.

There are two free versions of the TCP/IP library – an opensource C++ library that is completely free!


Free LSP Guide on Komodia

Ok, folks, here is the real deal:  the free LSP guide is about to be extinct.  Komodia is turning the free LSP guide into a book that will be sold on the site.  Now, there is absolutely no reason not to get your free LSP guide today – and every reason to hurry.

What happens the next time that you have to search for “install layered service provider” only to find out that the number 1 free resource is no longer free?

What happens the next time you need assistance in winsock tracing and the free LSP resource page is gone?

Don’t be rediculous!  Get your guide today!


Free TDI Guide on Komodia

Are you aware that in addition to the free LSP and NDIS guides here at, there is also a free TDI guide as well?  Oh it’s true.

This is the place to go when you are searching for information on TDI modify packets and the free TDI firewall source code.  Where else can you find this kind of information regarding TDI for free?

The guide is composed of 4 general areas:

  1. What is TDI?
  2. What is included in TDI?
  3. What are the key features of TDI?
  4. What is the TDI operational information?


The Vista Layered Service Provider Problem

Vista can be a bit of an LSP nightmare because of the potential snafu regarding the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.  It is such a headache that I have officially decided to give it a title:  The Vista Layered Service Provider Problem.

The catch is that some people are only installing the 32 bit DLLs and the 32 bit LSP on a 64 bit OS and then other people are only installing the 64 bit DLLs and the 64 bit LSP.  The fact of the matter is that in order to run a 32 bit application n a 64 bit OS, you need the 32 bit DLLs and LSP.  However, you ALSO need the 64 bit DLLs and LSP for the 64 bit applications.  One important note, you must install the 32 bit versions first.

This should effectively solve a majority of the problems and fix LSP issues for Vista.  However, if you are having other problems like Vista LSP can’t connect to Internet or communication problems, then you may need more detailed help.  I would definitely check out the free LSP guide and resource page here at before going any further.


Firewall Source for Vista

Are you looking for the firewall source code in Vista?  What if I told you that you could have a LSP enabled firewall without writing any code?  Komodia’s Redirector is your true firewall source for Vista because the work is already accomplished for you.  Why spend so many hours on a firewall when it has already been done by Komodia?  Would not your time be better spent on other areas?  I believe so.  I think that you would appreciate the power and time-saving ease of Komodia’s Redirector – and it cannot hurt to check it out!


Fix LSP Issues For Vista: 64 Bit

It is just amazing to me how popular 64 bit operating systems have become lately.  It can cause LSP problems with Vista and 64 bit Windows Socket APIs.  Obviously, when you want to install LSP on a 64 bit operating system, you will need to install a 64 bit LSP.  Even when running on a 64 bit operating system, any 32 bit application will load both the DLLs and LSP in 32 bit.  Therefore, you must first install the 32 bit LSP.

When you are running a 64 bit application, it will load the DLLs and LSP in 64 bit.  Both (32 & 64) LSP stacks are kept and used by the 64 bit operating system – so you are going to need both 32 & 64 installers.  Remember to always install the 32 bit LSP first before the 64 bit LSP.

Hopefully, this will help you to fix LSP issues for Vista.


How To Write LSP

Friends, let’s be honest, there is NO easy way to write an LSP application on your own. An accurate figure that I have seen recently is 3 months; it takes 3 months to write an LSP application on your own.

Now, I am not saying that this is impossible or even that you should not do it. I am just saying that layer service provider development is difficult and not to be taken lightly.

Fortunately for you and me, when we want to learn how to write LSP, there is a resource like Komodia available.