Winsock Modify Package

Komodia’s Redirector is the best Winsock modify package on the market – hands down!  There is very little that the Redirector cannot do for you.  Are you considering a project that includes hijacking the winsock connect function?  Then the Redirector is for you.

Read and modify all the incoming traffic and outgoing traffic that you catch by your own rules – Komodia’ Redirector.  Use a proxy server to tunnel all of your traffic – Komodia’s Redirector.


Redirecting Winsock Sockets

Talk about a Winsock stress test!  Redirecting Winsock sockets can send anyone to the mental institution!  It can really be a challenge.  There are so many little things that can go wrong – so many minor details.  In LSP how to inject to running process can be tricky as well.  That is why I cannot recommend the free LSP guide enough.  Komodia’s free LSP resource page and video is a must for anyone struggling with LSP issues.


Vista 64 Anonymizer

You will hear questions regarding Vista 64 anonymizer.  Are anonymizers compatible with Vista 64 bit?  Do I have to run a 32 bit browser on a Vista 64 bit machine in order to use an anonymizer?  The answer to all of your Vista 64 anonymizer questions is Komodia’s Redirector.  With Komodia’s Redirector you can instantly and easily and simply write an anonymizer application.


64 Bit Windows Socket APIs

When you hear the term “64 bit Windows Socket APIs,” what is being referenced is just the 64 bit Winsock.  The longer phrase is merely a throwback to when programmers were still fighting the newer Winsock name.  Many refused to call Winsock anything but Windows Socket API – this actually caused a problem with online documentation for awhile until the majority of programmers realized that the issue really wasn’t worth it.  Here at Komodia, you can call 64 bit Windows Socket APIs anything you want – Komodia knows what you mean.


Windows Transparent Proxy LSP

If you wish to set up a transparent proxy for Windows, is the place you want to be.  Windows transparent proxy LSP is, of course, a Komodia specialty.  That is not really saying much as all things LSP are Komodia specialties.  Do you want to know more about layered service provider check on windows?  Well, that’s a Komodia specialty as well.  Check out Komodia’s free LSP guide and free LSP resource page.


NDIS 64 bit passthru

NDIS 64 bit Passthru is a service that allows you to intercept all information packets that sent to, sent from, or received by a network interface.  If that wasn’t cool enough, you can also read, block, and/or modify any and all of these information packets.  Passthru NDIS modify is a relatively simple procedure once you have it all down.  Here is the best part, Komodia has a free NDIS guide!


Does LSP Layer Supports Port Blocking

This is one of the questions that I found in a comment posted to this blog:  does LSP layer supports port blocking?  My answer to this type of question is simply to direct you to Komodia’s free Winsock LSP guide and resource page.  It is going to be able to answer all of your Winsock LSP questions.  When you do find a problem that you either cannot answer or you do not want to spend the time to fix, then I want to point you towards Komodia’s Redirector.  With Komodia’s Redirector you can block Internet using Winsock and much more.


Block Winsock

When it comes to information to block Winsock, what you really want to know about is Komodia’s Redirector.  It makes it possible to change network sessions with just a couple clicks. The redirector intercepts any traffic on your local machine based on the rules you decide. The redirector includes several functions for you to use without ever writing any lines of code.

So if you want to control whatever TCP traffic you wish to redirect for inspection or have the Winsock API to block network connection or even encrypt any outgoing unsecure sessions (plus so much more), than check out Komodia’s redirector now!


http Redirect src NDIS

Komodia’s free NDIS guide can handle all over your NDIS problems, questions, and concerns.  NDIS redirection can be tricky – which is, I imagine, why you are here.  For all questions like http redirect src NDIS to NDIS redirect all http connections to NDIS redirection in general, Komodia is here with a free resource to help.


Winsock IFS Driver

What is Winsock IFS driver?

There are two different versions of Winsock LSP: IFS & non IFS. Generally most LSPs are non IFS – including the products of Non IFS LSPs actually change the socket handle to create a non valid Windows IFS handle. IFS LSPs do not do this, they keep the socket handle, which makes it possible for the LSP to use only the functions it intercepts.

For more information regarding the Winsock IFS driver, please see the free LSP guide.